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To all those New Age souls who seek to lead the world into a Kingdom of love.

New Age Tantra Yoga


1. The Cosmic Power behind Sexual Union

2. Seeking your Soul Mate

3. Froming the Tantra Partnership

4. Nude Yoga and the Genesis of Rapport

5. Mystical Communication with the Divine

He who has not loved has not lived..... it is as simple as that... You exist, therefore., You love...... This text is an attempt to explain only one type of love, the love that is generated between a man and a woman who are truly mated on all levels of beings.... how the male and female energies are fused into one indivisible energy structure, and the manner in which sex is emploied to fullfill the divine intent of consummating this union - the classic goal of Tantra yoga.....



The Cosmic Power Behind Sexual Union

Man has been given a choice. He can either do it alone, or he can take another soul along with him. If he goes it alone, he runs the danger of being trapped in his own selfishness. If he takes another alone with him, he runs the danger of his own destruction by someone who cannot or will not understand him. Either way, the ascent is not easy....

If the goal of human evolution requires union with the Divine, implying perfection of body, mind, and soul, then the only path is by way of self-discipline. In the higher wisdom, there is no miraculous transformation. Each individual is responsible for his won life and affairs and will be held accountable for every decision, whether it be one of transgression or upliftment....

There is nothing really outside of self. All is one, and one is all. All karma is based upon the simple proposition that watever you have done unto another, you have done automatcally unto yourself. Every human being is the center of his own universe, and everything about him is a reflection of what lies within...

Tantra gives us some unsight into sex as a sacred ritual, rather than as a biological function....

Energy is singular, but its manifestation is plural. It takes various forms as for example soul energy (experiental), mental energy (intellectual), astral energy (emotional), and physical energy (sexual). Basically, it is all cosmic energy in two polarizations, positiv and negativ, or maculine and feminine. 'Tantra teaches that the microcosm of man is the exact suplicate of the macrososom of nature, and the same dual forces are active in him as they are in the outer universe. For this reason, they must be reconciles and brought into harmonious union, the function if yoga, before man has run the course of his evolution and found the secret of his immortality....

Sex is so sacred that is must be approached with awe. This is why Tantra is not for everyone. How many people do you know in or out of married life who would make a ritual out of sexual union, even if it resultedin a form of cosmic orgasm? This takes study, discipline, devotion, and complete delsflessness. Tantra is not a matter of falling into bed and making it with any partner, whetever a spouse or not. We're dealing with cosmic forces so powerful that they spell the difference between life and death....

If there is ever to be a New Age, offering some chance of happiness, health, and longevity, human sexuality must be lifted to a new plateau of understanding. Then and only then will humanity find its joy between the lover and the beloved.....

Each person is potentially complete in himself or herself. But in the process of creation, God so reproduced Himslef as to hide one portion of His being within the other. The strenght with which the human soul strives for union between the dominant and recressive Self, between the active and the dormant, is what liberates man finally from mortality, seeing that it takes two poles of the creative force to transmute the physical body into immortal substance..... Somehow, before the man is liberated from mortality, he must awaken th efemine within him; and conversely. Before the woman can liberated, she must awaken the masculine. Tantra is the direct route to his liberation by placing the man and the woman in the closest possible proximity: body to body, mind to mind, and soul to soul....


The woman is magnetic; and the man, electic. the two combined create an electro-magnetic field of force. If the proper combination is effected, the sparks literally fly... The all-encompassing, all absobing potential force field of the female unites with the dynamic and kinetic power of the male, and there is a fusion that almost defies decription. Of course, there has to be compatibility..... The union must indeed be sexual, that is, there must be a physical contact. Th energy thus generated between the two consenting partners is greater then anything which they can generate separately, and vastly greater than what they are caoable of generating in combination... <they not only polarize themselves by setting every atom into higher vibration, but they polarize the very atmosphere about them, creating an impenetrable barrier to every form of evil that might conceivable attack their union..

The effect is an intensification of the sensitivity of the mind, body, and soul. The body becomes sensual, the mind telepathic, and the soul intuitional. In other words, the entire human mechanism as a transmitter of consciousness is set into higher vibration, leading to heightened sense oerceotion, keenr mental capacity, more diversified talents, and increased spiritual power.. Once it is understodd that the universe is one indivisble matrix of cosmic force and that this force is always seeking expression through a union of its opposite energies.....

But love never harms. Love is the catylytic agent that makes sex the power for good. Tantra cannot be practiced as some sort of mechanical procedure. The teachings in the purest form do not divorce love from sex, or conversely. Tantra cannot be practised by anyone who has not resolved in his or her own mind th edivine purpose served by that relationship....Anything powerful enough to create can also destroy. Sex can take the partners to paradise, o it can take them to hell. It can endow health, or it can cause disease. The danger is not the act, but in the attitude towards the act. Tantra cannot be practiced by anyone who has not resolved in his or her own mind the divine purpose served by that relationship. .... Man must see in the woman exatly what he sees in himself, a being no more and no less that what heis or can become...



Seeking Your Soul Mate

Mates are attracted by the karmic tie, or by a cosmic affinity. .... Norelationship will be perfect at the outset. But they will carry the same vibration, will survive for the same ends, and will never abandon each other, no mateer what the circumastances. They will make love on all planes every day of their lives. They will keep on pouring it out, as if that love is inexhaustible, which it is. They will ever place the needs of the other above his or her own. Self surrender to the other's welfare overrides all other motivations. Mutal self sacrifice dominates all issues...Astrologer can determine wheter a true pairing is indicated by the planetary positons. The basic problems can be analyzed, the lessons in life fetermined; and the impediments, if any, ascertained...... They may be soul mates without being Tantra partners, as the Tantra partnership is on a higher level of performance, requiring physical fitness as well as soul affinity. Tantra partners are a teams and they must act as a team, co-equal to each other, both with regard to love input and love response.... If love is strong enough, the mate will appear, and the desire for sexual union will become virtually irresistable.... Meditation - and visualization will one mate hear the other one...

...He must build up in his mind a well-defined image of what he expects the mate to be. Then he must call out on telepathic and intuitional levels for the response he anticipates. He must pour out his sul to his beloved, knowing that there is out there someone a soul whose need is comparable to his own and whose very soul longing has aspired. Then by the rapport so establishedon thih higher level of consciousness, she hears his call and respondens, and he projects his answer in return....



Forming the Tantra Partnership

Whatever fullfills one life has to fullfill the other. It is essential that you know what you lacj before you will accept from another waht you require for your completion. And conversely. You must know your strenght you can give to another before you can visualize another as needing what you are prepared to offer.

Obviously, they must be seeking, or they will never reach. For example, the male member can visulize his ideal partner as being inexcellent helath, slender, attractive, the right high, weight and age for him, and with good habits preclude the use if drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or promisous sex. If he is sincere, he will want his mate to reciprocate the same standards of physical and moral conduct he has set for himself. Anything that depresses, inhibits. Drugs derange the natural chemistry of the body and undermine its natural immunity to disease.

There are twelve virtues which go with the perfected character

forbearance - charity - devotion - discrimination - humility - kindliness - courage - precision - patience - sincerity - tolerance and efficiency

It takes all twelve to make a perfect expression of love.



Nude Yoga and the Genesis of Rapport

The antahkarana is a Sankrit term for aligning the soul, the mind, the emotions, and the body into a single indivisble stream of cosmic force, so that the mind, the emotions, and the body, knows as the personality, reflect only that higher purpose which the Masters know and serve.

The soul must literally command the body to obey its will. It uses the mind to accomplish this result. Remember the soul is not the mind. At this higher level, the mind is the instrument of the soul; just as the body is the instrument of the mind. Ultimately, all will function in unison, when the alignment is perfected.

The very first step, when they are ready to get down to buisness, is to take their clothes off. They will now sit tailor fashion on the floor, facing each other, at a distance of six or eight feet, completely nude. ... They are now simply gazing fondly at each other, feeling the pull of every atom seeking to find its counterpart in the other.

The purpose is to develop a sense of dignity from within the body so that the partner is conscious that the body is the temple of the living God and therefore the facade of the soul. What the woman is doing is showing herself to the man as the externalization of that part of his own being, which is hidden within himself. And conversely. She must be comfortable with the thought that her body is his in its opposite polarization, and she must know this to be a fact, adn rely upon it. He must fully reciprocate that fact and surrender his body to her. She must in turn accept his body as her own, which it is its reverse polarity. ...

Tantra is impossible where possessiveness is present. As soon as one partner believes the other is taking advantage and not giving joy, the partnership is shattered..... There is not a true mating where there is not love; and there is no love where one partner has no desire to give....Let them continue to sit daily in the nude, at a time convenient to them both, with all the privacy they wish...

There is till no sex involved at this point, but they are getting accustomed to the concept of our body. .. The man now has two bodies , his own and his partner's. The woman has two bodies, her own and her partner's. This concept of a dual body, through which they function as dual unit of consciousness, is vital to any initiatory experience which they may share when such bodies may be freely exchange.

Remember, the bodies are only a fifth of the total structure involved in this exchange. Four-fifths of their entire being are invisble to physical sight. These higher energies know no limitation as the physical instruments they use on this plane of existence. All the time the Tantra partners are vontemplating each other in the nude, they are circulationg energies at the etheric, emotional, mental, and soul levels; and these energies are reaching out beyond the peripheries of the physical body to make contact with each other. Even while the physical bodies may not be touching, their higher bodies may indeed overlap, to use an expression, and are merging into one combined energy structure - one flesh. ...

They would use mutual massage for relaxation, take their showers and baths together when convenient, and perform yoga for physical fitness and mental clarity. In Tantra, everything is done together as much as possible...First the man is leading the yoga sequence and than the woman.

They can go through a number of positions, such as the rocking exercise, the raised legs posture, head to knee, the lotus pose, the cobra pose, the cow head pose, the triangle pose, the swan, the stork, the twist, the locust, the shoulder stand, the plow, and the angular balance. Of course, there are many more. They can conclude with the child pose, which is sitting on the knees with head to the floor and hands to the sides. In this pose they are bowing to each other in the deepest humility.



Mystical Communication with the Divine

Mystical communication is the next step in deepening rapport between the partners. .. They were first physically seperated by enough distance to perform the yoga exercise. But now they can approach each other to within three feet, sitting tailor fashion or in the lotus position. They are not touching each other at this point, nor should they. Their purpose is to enter into a higher degree of rapport than before, with a consciousness of God as the link between them. They are in effect solemnizing their marriage by a contract more sacred than that of the society in which they live. It is very important that they understand the spiritual reason for their union and hold this reason above all other consideration.

Communication best describes the state of rapport between the Tantra partners and Go. This communication is merely quieting the mind and becoming receptive to higher guidance. No one achieves mystical experience without effecting communication with advanced Souls, wheter we define the Devineas a Spiritual Hierachy of Immortal Masters, or simply God. The important part of this communion is not to pray for privileges and benefits, but to ask for direction and the opportunity to serve. Each partner asks for both partners, either silently or verbally, since they always act in unison on all matters affecting their common welfare.

Verbal expression is always more powerful than silence in most instances. Either one can initiate the communication , and one can follow the other if desired. In every instance, they speak as one, establishing their unity with every word they utter. It is in unity that they express their strength; and it is in their divine unity that they express their divine strength. Perhaps in the beginning, their communication might include the visualization of a circle,a cross, or a star. These symbols might be in color and focussed against a violet background.